Machine Knit Afghan Patterns

for standard gauge knitting machines to download after payment.

Although in each individual pattern design I have written that I used 4 ply or 2/30ís yarns, it is entirely up to you what yarn you use. There is no golden rule for knitting afghans, couch throws, shawls & shrugs - you can use any yarn and knit whatever size you like.

There are many of us knitters who, like myself, have no need for sweaters, cardigans & knitted skirts or dresses - yet we like using our knitting machines. Here is your chance to knit an afghan to be proud of, to cuddle up inside on a chilly evening in front of the tv or to spread over the spare bed to keep the dog or cat hairs off the bedding.  I have them everywhere - the basic colour co-ordination in my home has gone completely to pot. Itís fun and youíre only on the planet for a few years so you may as well make your mark while youíre here ...

These are graph style charts - that is to say, each pattern motif chart is on squared paper. The black squares are the motif details and the blank squares are for the background colour. Sometimes I get questions from punch card owners who do not understand how to use a graph  - the only difference is that these are squares which donít have black dots in the middle.  Your start line is the same as any start line for a punch card design - refer to your book if you donít know how to make up new punch card designs or use one of your ready-made punch cards instead.


  1. If I am adding ribbed borders I leave this until I have finished knitting all the main pieces.
    • This is because I may run out of that colour & would not want to buy a whole new cone for the want of 10 or 20 rows;
    • if the afghan is accidentally washed at too high a setting which destroys the elasticity of the ribbed border, I can take it off and replace it.
  2. Keep to the same type of yarn - donít mix crepes & boucles & regular yarns together as the tensions alter when you leave the pieces to rest.
  3. Always wash at a low temperature, cold if possible. There is no advantage in felting the fabric.


Eagle Afghan

Fully reversible 4 ply afghan suitable for standard gauge punch card & electronic knitting machines.






 Fully reversible zig-zag design using 4 ply yarns in 2 colours.  Suitable for both punch card & electronic standard gauge knitting machines.






 Wildlife afghan for electonic machines

A design using patterns which are already installed into your computer - fox, dog, bird & moose. Fully reversible using 4 ply yarns. £5





Celtic afghan for electronic machines

4 ply design knitted in sections. Punch card owners will need to use a smaller fair-isle pattern for the central section.






 Fully reversible 4 ply afghan full of hearts suitable for punch card machines.








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