KH-965i electronic

Electronic machine which has the patterns pre-programmed into it that are from the Stitchworld books 1 & 11.
Is able to be used in conjunction with Designaknit software  (very expensive) & cartridges. Uses the cartridge which comes with the Volume 5 punchcard pattern book & also anything you might design on a PPD -BUT BEWARE THAT YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR ENTERING A PATTERN FROM THE CARTRIDGES AS YOU CAN LOSE ALL THE PRE-PROGRAMMED PATTERNS (note where it says to turn the computer off & when to turn it on)

If you purchase an Instant Access to an online PDF file that has become unstable, faulty or damaged, please email me at so that I can correct the problem as soon as possible.

Each file is an Adobe PDFfile created using Adobe 7.0. If you do not already have Adobe Reader or your version needs updating then click

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